The New Eldar Codex?

I'm hearing some possibly-credible rumors about a new Eldar codex in the works. Surely, this is far from a confirmation, but I'm getting the sense it could come to pass. I could analyze the rumors, but that's a discussion for another time.

The thing I'm not looking forward to is this: The Eldar codex comes out, some of the rules are insanely unbalanced, and then people say to me "See? Now you have a codex that's just as powerful as those other books. Everything's fine."

The thing is... my concerns about balance pertain to the entire game. Another codex that's full of busted, stupid rules isn't going to be make that any better, even if it's my army's codex.

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Albert Flasher said...

honestly, i don't think an entire new codex is needed, merely some revisions and additions. point balancing for units that are almost never used, like singing spears, wraithgaurd, etc.