Keith Takes A Beatdown On A Cold Winter's Day

As much as this is going to horrify all of you, I've been seriously considering getting out of this hobby. I'm going to discuss that at length in another post at some future time because it's actually a really big deal about why I got into it and why I'd leave, so it deserves a post of its own. Anyhow, for the last month I've been completely Warhammer-free, with every single model, paint and book I own stashed away in my closet with the door closed. This, of course, has horrified my Warhammer-playing buddies such as Keith and Benoit, who enjoy talking about Eldar-related matters with me casually over MSN or even playing side-by-side in a mega-battle.

Well, Saturday I played against Keith. He normally plays Eldar, but on that day he brought his Space Wolves. We met up at a store called Fandom II (first time I'd ever been there), and Good God was it cold out. Minus 29 celcius or something. We scurried across the road to fill up on coffee (which was a supremely bad idea, actually... as both of us have very low caffeine tolerance), and played a nice, big 3000 point game of Secure and Control.

The short story is that I beat him, but he played a great game and we had a really nice, low-key time followed by a trip (with Benoit) out to a local restaurant for pub food while the two of them raided my bitz box like two hungry hyenas attacking a wounded rinocerous. Good time was had by all.

Here are the pics.