The Reaper Hawk

I've talked about the possibility of doing this for a while and, in fact, I've been writing on Hammerblog for so long that I may well have posted about it here. As it happens, I am thinking about creating what I call a "Kindaheavy" (as opposed to Superheavy) which will primarily be used in Apoc games, and it'll be called the Reaper Hawk. Here's the basic outline of what I was hoping to do with it, as recently posted on Deep Space:
- 2 Structure Points
- Agile Skimmer
- Armor: 12 front, 12 sides, 11 rear
- Eldar Energy Field: Reduces all incoming fire to front and sides greater than S8 to S8
- Spirit Stones
- 2 long-barreled, gatling hull-mounted Reaper Launchers. If memory serves, this gives me a range of about 62" range and two 2D3 shots. Each is able to target a different unit.
- Transport capacity: 5 Dark Reapers (only Dark Reapers) +Maugen Ra or an Autarch who must be carrying a Reaper Launcher
- BS4
- Points cost rings in around 450-475, but I will have to check that math

Hull will be a modified Falcon Chassis: Similar shape but slightly larger footprint.

As any Eldar player will tell you (ask one if you aren't one), this tank isn't about winning games. It's about a cool idea. Or an idea that's cool to people who love Reaper Launchers.

Pics? I got 'em.

I've taken the cab of a War Walker and nestled it into the cockpit of a Falcon. Yes, I know it looks like crap right now. I probably shouldn't even be showing anyone this. Notice, however, that the vents of the WW cab look a bit like the eyes of a skull? I'll be capitalizing on that. Just watch me. I'll also be expanding the wings with plasticard and building the reaper launcher batteries in an interesting way.

More to come. I can't leave this as your last look at the RH, so you can trust me on that.