The Reaper Hawk

I've talked about the possibility of doing this for a while and, in fact, I've been writing on Hammerblog for so long that I may well have posted about it here. As it happens, I am thinking about creating what I call a "Kindaheavy" (as opposed to Superheavy) which will primarily be used in Apoc games, and it'll be called the Reaper Hawk. Here's the basic outline of what I was hoping to do with it, as recently posted on Deep Space:
- 2 Structure Points
- Agile Skimmer
- Armor: 12 front, 12 sides, 11 rear
- Eldar Energy Field: Reduces all incoming fire to front and sides greater than S8 to S8
- Spirit Stones
- 2 long-barreled, gatling hull-mounted Reaper Launchers. If memory serves, this gives me a range of about 62" range and two 2D3 shots. Each is able to target a different unit.
- Transport capacity: 5 Dark Reapers (only Dark Reapers) +Maugen Ra or an Autarch who must be carrying a Reaper Launcher
- BS4
- Points cost rings in around 450-475, but I will have to check that math

Hull will be a modified Falcon Chassis: Similar shape but slightly larger footprint.

As any Eldar player will tell you (ask one if you aren't one), this tank isn't about winning games. It's about a cool idea. Or an idea that's cool to people who love Reaper Launchers.

Pics? I got 'em.

I've taken the cab of a War Walker and nestled it into the cockpit of a Falcon. Yes, I know it looks like crap right now. I probably shouldn't even be showing anyone this. Notice, however, that the vents of the WW cab look a bit like the eyes of a skull? I'll be capitalizing on that. Just watch me. I'll also be expanding the wings with plasticard and building the reaper launcher batteries in an interesting way.

More to come. I can't leave this as your last look at the RH, so you can trust me on that.


Sputnik said...

An interesting concept, to be sure. I look forward to your progress. Oh, and good to see you're still kicking.

Rayne said...

Indeed great to see blog revitalized...kinda. all the best on this project.

Silar said...

hey any news on this? Would like to see if you've finished it as its a great idea.

Stop by and see my progress