Sisters of Battle

When I occasionally stray from my Eldar-obsessive nature and consider the possibility of trying to put together a different army, one of the two that catches my eye most is the Sisters of Battle (the other one is Tau). The Sisters Of Battle, also known as Witch Hunters, are a very tough, very gorgeous army of bolter and flamer-toting women who fight for the Imperium. These aren't very girly-girl models; they are covered in artifacts and armor and are pretty hardened. I have one squad of Sisters that I haven't started work on yet. They're assembled, but not primed.

I keep wanting to start on them, but every time I look closely at them I see the little Imperial Eagle on their uniforms and it makes me gag. I hate the Imperial storylines and I really have no interest in having anything to do with them. Isn't that childish?

Still... they sit here... gathering dust.

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Bill said...

Go renegade! Renegade SoB would be sweet, we could even ally! ;)