Sleepy Little Genestealer

I showed my five-year-daughter Dora the Genestealer I'd painted up (as detailed in this post), and she took an interest. She asked what it was and, without going into the complexities of what the hell a "Genestealer" is, I told her it was a monster. After all, there are monsters on Sesame Street, so the word "monster" in itself can't be so dangerous to a five-year-old's psyche, right? Well, we were lounging around in my bed and Dora decided that the monster was kind of cold, so she wrapped it up in my blanket. After that, Dora decided that it needed to be patted for comfort and then she sang it a lullabye so it could sleep. We both agreed that little monster felt a lot better after being snuggled a little, and that he was probably in a much better mood now.

So that little Genestealer has been really well cared for today. If the entire Tyranid species were cared for in this way they would probably lose that grumpy disposition.

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1 comment:

Matthew said...

You know I never, ever thought of genestealers as cuddly....And something tells me, no matter how cute this was, I never will.