The Effect Of Wraithbone

If you've been following my painting over the last year or so then you'll know that my main Eldar force is black, gold, white and red... even though Eldar are "supposed to be" painted in Wraithbone. Described in the fluff as a "psychoplastic", Wraithbone is what Eldar use to create weaponry, army, tanks and spaceships... and I've gotten a finger waggled at me a number of times over my use of metallics in my armor. Well, my personality is such that I tend to say "eat me" in response. I think the gold looked good, I wasn't in the mood for Wraithbone and it didn't appeal to me.

Now that I have a fair amount of painting behind me I've started to get interested in trying new things. I've hauled out some old models I never touched and started experimenting with various approaches which digressed from the darker colors and the yellow metallics... just for a change. I ended up coming up with some Wraithbone approaches and settled on a Snakebite Leather/Bleached Bone/Brown Ink combination. After adding a few splashes of color with blue, purple, yellow and black, it's started to really appeal to me. You've seen my Epic Falcon a few posts back and you can see what my basic Wraithbone look is.

What I'm writing aobut now is how much I love the way that the organic, natural look of the earth colors and inks do the work for you and create masterpieces by just by virtue of being applied. I've gotten some decent effects on these models (below) and did a few closeups to show the effects I really like... where the psychoplastic doesn't just look like another out-of-the-pot color, but it almost looks as though you can see it growing naturally under the hands of Bonesingers.

I love it.

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Quint'Aan said...

Looks really good. I'm coing to really appreciate washes as well.