The Four Horsemen drag me back into the fray

Ahhh, 2006... how good you were to me. How you took Craftworld Baast into your loving arms and made sure that it always got attention and support, no matter what else was going on. Always and faithfully, Baast was nurtured and loved in the bosom of your endless generosity.

2007... not so generous. Not so nurturing. Not so supportive.

In fact, I don't think I've painted so much as one model in the entirety of 2007 so far. My memory might be failing, but if I did, I sure didn't do it a lot. This is because work, personal life and just a general disinterest set in. Maybe it's because I overdid it in 2006 and just needed to cool off. Maybe it's just because life has more to offer than just Warhammer. I don't know.

When the codex came out last year, I played one game in November. Then another in April. Then another in June. Then, just in the past 7 days, I've played 5 more games. My interest seems to be coming back. I count this as a good thing (mostly). I think the renewed inspiration mostly stems from Apocalypse, to be honest. Interestingly, I have relatively little interest in playing a lot of really big games (which seems to be what Apocalypse is all about), but what I do like is the way that the Force Org Chart is all but cast aside in the interest of creating more free-flowing, more dynamic, and more flavorful games and army lists. I do like that a lot. In fact, it inspired me to take out all my Eldar models and put them on a table and look at them. And then I looked some more. Then some more after that. What struck me is how I have a very neat and tidy collection: Lots of full units, few stray models. Good coverage of the Force Org Chart, few things that I wouldn't use in a game. Lots of meat, very little fat. It makes for a good Apoc collection, as I nearly crest 10,000 points.

Also interesting is the emphasis on social playing rather than tournament playing. The doors are wide open to create awesome narrative scenarios and inventive story-based battles. I, myself, was tempted to organize a recreation of the battle of Baast where the Ultramarines descended upon the hapless Craftworld shortly after the Horus Heresy and set in play the events which led up to the megabattle we had last year. You see why I like it? Apoc lends itself well to this stuff. That's fun.

So I'm starting to play again on Thursday nights at the local Games Workshop. Exciting for me, to be honest (and a great way to have fun for free). Craftworld Baast seems to be making something of a return.

Problem is, I just don't want to paint anything... but we'll discuss that another time.


Xadhoom said...

Welcome back! :)

As with you, my interest in the hobby goes up and down. I feel this is perfectly natural, as the intensity in the "up" periods is pretty high.

Both the body and mind need their rest between battles and furious painting sessions, so a few breaks really are in order once in a while.

Bourgui said...

Yeah! Corey's back!!
that made my day, somehow.

Ann-Dorothee said...

I realise I'm somewhat late, but I could not refrain from leaving a comment, too:
It's been the same for me, year-long pauses, and then, bang!, absolute absorbtion again for month on end. AND it actually was the Apolcalypse book I received as a christmas gift from my DH that brought me back this time, precisely because it leaves so much room for stories. Funny I only realised this fact when I read it put in letters by you...