Rumors of my death

I've decided I'm going to finish my Eldar army this year. I'm hoping we're not talking about a whole year, but that's sort of the timeframe it may require. See, when I got most of this army it was right around the time when the new Eldar stuff was released, and it was a massive pile: The contents of the huge release box plus a bunch of other things I threw in. And there it was: A gigantic pile of unpainted stupid. Intimidating. I think this is why it's taken so long for me: A lot of painting doesn't really put much of a visible dent in the whole.

There's also the fact that, to be blunt, I've had way too much other stuff to do to worry about whether or not I've done the line highlighting on my War Walkers.

What's nice is that I have several cool projects which are only partly done:
- A crazy Falcon conversion that uses the Forgeworld Falcon II extensions
- A Forgeworld Cobra that needs some finishing touches
- Two Jetbike conversions (Autarch and Farseer)
- An ambitious Fire Prism conversion
- The Reaperhawk
- Scores and scores of basic infantry

Finishing them is easier than it might sound, as most of this stuff is started and put on hold.

Gaming will also happen, but that's for another post.

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Silar said...

Glad to see the blog has reopened. Can't wait to see the finished reaper hawk and congrats for beating matt varnish's tyrinds..