Warlock brain dump

The first part of getting my 19 Warlocks up to speed is cleaning the crap off of them and getting them to a "neutral" starting place. Previous owners have used the strangest paint, glue and epoxy... made the strangest choices about what to clip and shave off the model... broken the models in the most inexplicable ways. Once I got all that dealt with, rebasing them. Then hand-priming them all black. Then blocking out the Wraithbone parts with Deneb Stone. Then Bleached Bone. Then the wash over the bone. That's about where I am right now. Still to come: Shading on the robes, glyphs and runes, fancy looking base, and gems. That should do the trick.

Pics soon I think. Maybe.

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Matt Varnish said...

I hear ya. I have 20 + Terminators that I could easily paint up and have a new army to use with: Deathwing, or to be more precise, Night Lords First Company, but after painting 5, my mind refuses to look at any more. I am lucky that I have other armies that have models needing painting, like my Squats. Maybe Ill work on that.