Cow Walkers

Games Workshop has released the new War Walkers in a three-pack splash release (single War Walker boxes will be out soon). I got mine yesterday and, instead of posting all about sprues and bases and other things which are typical celebrations of new models, I'm going to link you to something else: This is a screenshot of a post I made at Warseer when photos of the new War Walkers were just starting to emerge. I have to show you a screenshot because, oddly enough, the original post was deleted.

Wonder why.


Jay MG said...

I made my resident eldar-fiend here in Burlington laugh out loud when I told him that his fancy new walkers wer actually just Futuristic Space-Cows. He tought that was pretty funny...naturaly I took all the credit.

Rayne said...

Ha. I love the new Walkers. I picked mine up 2 days ago...but will only be able to paint them tomorrow, seeing as how I need paint...which I'm getting...tonight.

By the by, have you seen the new shadowseer? I have a snipette of her in my blog. It's up close and not blurry.