Something of a more personal nature than what you're used to reading here on Hammerblog: I suffer from a somewhat severe case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, and for the last year or two I've been working to the best of my ability to get it under control. In doing so, I have experienced some victories and some defeats, but I'm always going forward - and that has to be worth something.

Anyhow, the reason that it's relevant to this blog is because I've recently started a new drug. It's called Dilantin. It's not particularly powerful and it has relatively mild side-effects, if any, but my body is definitely adjusting to it. What I'm finding, at present, is that I don't sleep quite right and I have a pretty powerful headache; I can't tell if this is from the drug or if it's from the fact I'm not sleeping quite right... because of the drug. What's particularly difficult is that I'm having some trouble getting my attention to really lock onto something. That might sound odd when you consider that it's ADD I'm trying to overcome, but you see... those who suffer from it not only have a hard time getting focus on something when they want to, but they also have to wrest their attention from certain other things which they cannot ignore. In fact, when "ADD" was first being explored by experts, there was some discussion as to whether or not it should be called Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Surplus Disorder. Often, those who have ADD are able to work without interruption on something for a dozen or more hours without needing a break or feeling fatigued. In fact, last year I painted roughly 2500 points of Eldar over sixty days, thus astonishing my friends who thought, even for a madperson, that was incredibly fast.

So now I find that my ability to paint all night has vanished. If this turns out to be the net effect of Dilantin, I won't stay on it for long.

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