The Lustrous Red Engine Of Vaul

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSilver, Red Gore, Red Ink, Brown Ink, Blood Red (both GW and Reapermini) all went into the red you see in the photo to the side. I finally got it where I need it to be. It's got lots of brush marks in it, there are places where I spilled out onto the white and have to clean that up, and it even chewed up some of the detail. I'm sure it doesn't look like much in the photo... but all of that means nothing. Why? Because I got the tone I wanted and, after sanding the painted area (with a piece of paper and, later, a Kleenex), it is as smooth and glossy as glass. Those were the hard parts to achieve. I can always fix the white or whatever... but if the red is wrong then the whole thing is wrong. Luckily... the red is far from wrong. In fact, it's perfect. Just where I want it. Now I can move on to the next phase because the red is plain old fantastic.

I'm very happy.


Jay MG said...

Lovely tone of pink you have there...red? Oh rightn ok - Lovely tone of red you have there.

Amongst all of those ingrediants you didn't list your own sweat and blood - clearly much of those were involved as well to get such a lustrous tone!

What's the deal with the red spilling out the edges anyway? Can't fix that - guess it's ruined.

Baast said...

You think you're funny.