One Down, 200 More To Go

If you recall this mockup, you'll see that the red portion of the Scorpion Mark II Tank is going to be covered with itty bitty runes, painted in silver. Well, as you can see, I've managed to accomplish one so far. There it is, the Eye of Isha, in all its glory.

While I do have the undercoat of red pre-mixed in a pot, I wouldn't be able to reproduce this particular shade... as it is the product of several mistakes I made along the way. See, I painted it in silver (as I often do to really create a strong, distinct undercoat), and then something about the coat I covered it in didn't look right, so I painted it in silver again and tried once more. Then, with a touch of Blood Red (from GW) and red ink, it finally came around right. Think I could get that combination again? Not likely.

So this means I have to paint roughly 200 runes and get every one of them perfect. Ha ha. What the hell is wrong with me? Why didn't I just spray this thing black and dry-brush it with boltgun metal?

I must say, by the way, that the rune you're looking at is 75% courtesy of Reaper Mini products. I had some Games Workshop Mithril Silver that was just too thick. After adding some RM flow improver, it loosened up and became useable. Then, with a RM sable brush made for detail, I painted it on. Man, that brush is amazing. It's like working with a felt-tip marker, only sharper.

Don't worry. I don't make any money from Reaper. I don't get any bonuses aside from the occasional gift my friend throws my way. I just really like their products and wish more people knew about them. It's as simple as that.

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