What The Hell Do I Do With This?

Accidents happen.

That's where we left things on Saturday when I took my two adorable children into an Ottawa market shop that sells various foods and trinkets from the far east. When my back was turned, Dora and Ruth were checking out a statue of a dragon holding a pearl (which is traditionally meant to bring power and wisdom). The next thing I know, it shattered on the floor (and by "shattered" I mean its foot broke off). Neither of them wanted to accept the blame, but I didn't have to be Columbo to realize that it was Dora; her curiosity is stronger than her will, and that's how she's always been.

So now I own a dragon holding a pearl (for the low, low price of $6.99). It's plastic and, for general purposes, quite sturdy (except when dropped several feet from a high shelf).

What the hell should I do with it? I need suggestions.

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Quint'Aan said...

40K terrain, make a shrine where the dragon is the statue of a local Deity.