Roll Call

I sat down and made a comprehensive list, once and for all, of all the Eldar I currently own. It comes out to 193 models. And here's the list:

Eldrad Ulthran
Asurmen, the Hand of Asuryen
Karandras, the Shadow Hunter
Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls
4 Farseers
8 Warlocks

32 Fire Dragons & 4 Exarchs
4 Howling Banshees & 1 Exarch
8 Striking Scorpions & 1 Exarch

9 Dire Avengers & 1 Exarch
40 Guardian Defenders
4 Grav Platform & Crew
24 Storm Guardian
3 Wave Serpents

Fast Attack
8 Swooping Hawks & 1 Exarch
12 Guardian Jetbikes
3 Vypers

Heavy Support
15 Dark Reapers
2 Falcon Grav-Tanks
1 Fire Prism
3 Support Weapons & Crew
3 War Walkers

Scorpion Mark II tank

...and one Wraithlord named "Henry".

There are some units I just don't take anymore (or never have). Here's why:
- Avatar: In the current codex, the Avatar just isn't inspiring enough.
- Warp Spiders: Great unit. I have a few, but I don't use them. I just can't seem to get the "hang" of them.
- Shining Spears: Because they suck.
- Rangers: My use of them has tapered off this year because I find if I want a long-range unit that can't move and shoot, I'll use Dark Reapers instead. Not knocking them; they're just not for me.
- Wraithguard: So tempting, but they're so expensive and what they return for the investment (in both points and money) just isn't there right now.
- The other Phoenix Lords: I barely use the ones I have.

There are a lot of units in my list that I field rarely, but if I own the model then it's something I'll put on the table sooner or later. That's kind of a rule with me.

That's why I haven't yet written off the Warp Spiders. :)

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