It's Hard To Fathom The Awesomeness

I have a friend who works at Reaper Mini. In case you don't already know, Reaper makes some of the best fantasy miniatures in the business (yes, rivaling the mighty Games Workshop and, often, surpassing it). What not many people know, however, is that they make absolutely amazing paint. Apparently their lead paint engineer/creator/something used to work for GW and got fed up with the politics there. After moving on to Reaper Mini, she decided to make a series of paints so good that they would positively out-do GW in every way. Having used the Reaper paints somewhat extensively, I can definitely say that this goal was achieved; incredible pigment that seems to cover everything (including traditionally difficult colors like white or yellow), yet light and thin enough that there's no need to add water. There is flow improver mixed directly into the paint (this is a good thing) and it even comes with a tiny skull-shaped agitator in the bottle to mix it more thoroughly when you shake it.

Anyhow, after charming my friend and promising a whole lot of favors I'd really rather not repeat here, he managed to find a way to send these products off to me:
Neutral Colors Triad
Pure Blues Triad
Brush-on Primer
Basic Brush Set
Standard Sable Brush
Detail Sable Brush
Super Detail Sable Brush
Flow Improver
Brush-on Sealer
Silver Metallics Triad
Templar Blue
Breonne Blue
Ashen Blue
Each "triad", by the way, is a trio of bottles which are a light, mid and dark version of the same color (perfect for wet blending, highlighting, you name it). The paint brushes are, supposedly, fantastic (I haven't tried them yet). Anyhow, all I can say is: Rock on, Reaper.

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