Baby Steps

Falcon gets a few more touches. Wraithguard get all done up and, even though they look like they're standing on wet cement with cocoa powder mixed in, they still look kinda neat. It's probably just the rush of seeing some Epic-scale stuff actually coming close to completion, but I really like these.

The Wraithlord is still being worked on... but not much to show yet. Just more Bleached Bone. I'll cap it when I get this layer done and before I wash it with the ink.

Now, I realize that children in Africa are starving to death, but I'm really suffering from this existential crisis: I can't figure out which color to make the gems. I don't want to do red, but it's the perfect compliment to the bone/yellow/blue. I want to do green, but it'll be hard to make that pop out in the same way red would.

Red. Green. Red. Green. Red. Green. Do you now see the battles I must fight in my personal hell? Lord, give me strength.


Buck Daruma said...

Nice decals. You know, the Gem should really be a deep violet. Oh, and I loved the Runes.

But that's not what I came here for. I came here because your other blog doesn't have comments, And I wanted to echo the sentiment that the new Galactica series is really fucking good. And I didn't think I was gonna say that about American Sci-fi anytime soon.

Thanks for the headsup.

Buck Daruma said...

...and yes, I know I'm about 2 months late with that.

Baast said...

Thanks, Buck... but...

who are you?

Buck Daruma said...

I tried sending you email, but it failed. Damn this anonymous thing is hard.

Hmm. Okay, you know me through a certain PHD student who is currently in the middle of an 84 day retreat.

Baast said...

Yeah, I kinda figured when you mentioned Rachel's name. :) No big secret who I am (not on THIS blog, anyhow!). Just drop me a line at jwcorey@gmail.com!