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Epic Eldar... Epic appeals to me because it's cheap, it's easy to paint, and (according to those who play it) the strategic and tactical elements overshadow 40k. This ties in a little with my current Wraithlord project in that I am indulging my insatiable taste for Wraithbone. I'm just so in love with the organic and lush texture/feel of Wraithbone (at least by the formula I've been using) that I can't get enough of it. As you can see by looking at this little unfinished Falcon, I'm going to go ahead and give my Epic army a Wraithbone theme. There is, of course, the question of which Craftworld I will adhere to in that game and, frankly, I've always liked to paint in a neutral way so that I can use whatever Craftworld interests me at the time. As an Eldar player this is somewhat essential due to the fact that the codex is slowly going stale and anything that can be done to keep the experience fresh in the short-term is valuable. Anyhow, I'm digressing; I'm actually going to play an Ulthwe Craftworld at first and see how I like it. Not sure how that'll affect the paintjob just yet, but I'll keep an open mind. I have a Guardian Warhost box all set up now and I'm going to put some sand down on the bases before I get started with painting them. Naturally, pics will appear here.

I'm actually a little uninspired by the utilitarian bases that are used in Epic. If I stick with this game system I may make my own bases that have a bit more life to them. BTW, that Falcon isn't done. It's a WIP... but you can get a sense of how it's going to look from this pic.

You may also have thought I've forgotten this sleek bastard. I've been avoiding the work necessary to do the runes on the Scorpion II because, frankly, it's just so much, but I sat down and started getting it done. In case you might not have been following my psychotic ramblings about the Scorpion... I intend to fill the entire red section of this superheavy tank with a grid of tiny runes like the ones you see in this picture. Just so you know where it's going.

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Quint'Aan said...

I know a guy who did an eldar army and based all his infantry on round bases instead of the rectangular ones. Looked awesome.