Painting The Wraithlord Is Scaring Me

The Wraithlord is now getting to look very, very basically like the Wraithlord I want to have at the end of this process. It's a bit of a slippery slope for me painting this guy as it is when I do painting schemes of this kind; you start off with a base coat that looks bad, then you cover it with a wash that looks bad, then you cover it with a highlight that looks bad, then you highlight it some more and it looks only 90% as bad as it did, then you wash it and pick out some details and so-on and suddenly it's gorgeous. Having the trust to get to the end of the prcoess requires a certain degree of patience that usually eludes me. As I now look at this Wraithlord, I can't help but think "all hope is lost. I've blown it". The only reason why I hang on is because I always think that.

I started with a base of Games Workshop's Skull White primer, which has never been my favorite primer anyhow, and added a substantial wash of Games Workshop's Snakebite Leather. Over it, I've started to add a nice thin layer of Bleached Bone, which I'll go over several times before I'm done. You can see the progression below, which I wanted to capture before I got it all the way to the end. I'll wash it in a half-flesh-wash/half-brown-ink/mostly-water solution later and that's usually when the magic happens. I've tried this scheme several times already on a few "throw-away" models, and I like the outcome. I'm just always scared during the process itself. :)


D.Boyer said...

Looking good so far DS. I presume the entire character will be of the orange or yellow ochre color scheme?

Baast said...

Hey, Dave... cool (and strange) to see you commenting here! I tend to keep my web hangouts somewhat segregated, so... overlap always makes me miss a step. I shouldn't make it sound like I mind, though; good to see you here!

I thought it was kinda funny how you said "Looking good so far DS..." and I almost wrote "Dude, no-one who reads this blog knows me as DogStar like you do" and then I realized the initials of this username are also "DS". So.... I'm zippin' it.

As for the Wraithlord... I'm actually building up to a boney color, not unlike the Falcon ship you see in this thread. I just find building up from a leather color helps bring out the right hues and so-on.

You'll see! And now... off to look at your blog...