Stop In The Name Of Love

The upturned hand makes me think of the whole "Stop In The Name Of Love" song thing.

Er. Nevermind.

This turned into quite a little project. It includes (so far):
- Create a notch in the weapons mount on the "backpack" for a Rare Earth Magnet using a jeweler's saw, a file and some greenstuff.
- Cutting the flamer off of the right arm and fixing up all the signs that there ever was one by using jeweler's saw, side-cutters, files and sandpaper.
- Removing the Shuriken Catapult from the left arm using the saw, side-cutters, files and sandpaper... but leaving a nice space for the double-barreled flamer to be mounted.
- Making a double-barreled flamer for the left arm (so I can still count him as having two flamers) using two flamers from the old Eldar weapons sprue, filing them down, gluing them together and attaching them to the arm.
- Bending the right arm so it's in the right position. Not that big of a deal.
- Green-Stuffing the pock-marks out of the shoulders. This, by the way, marks a new strata for me and Green Stuff; I've started using a tiny bit of vegetable oil on my fingers when I shape it, and that makes a hell of a difference. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Water is not as good.
- The tricky part: Using the saw to cut the left hand off, attaching some "wrist meat" made out of Green Stuff, adding "ribs" (akin to many of the exposed areas of the WL's body), re-attaching the hand in a new position.
- Using the usual tools, trimming up some Wraithguard heads I bitz-ordered and attaching the "fins" to the legs. Just something I wanted to do for flavor.

There are some shaky joints, an excess of Green Stuff in certain areas and the possibility of some extra doo-dads (like a tabard or a flag), but this fella is close to being ready for paint.

I'll try to get a nicer shot of that wrist later. It's one of the better things I've accomplished.

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Quint'Aan said...

Looks great. Now I want to redo my wraithlord! :(