The New/Old Wraithlord

Started working on a new Wraithlord tonight. This is a second-hand fella who may or may not join my army, and I want to make him look interesting and dynamic. I have a hard time with the basic Wraithlord pose because it looks so much like "Hello. I am a Wraithlord. Would you like to shake my hand? That would be splendid. Thank you for shaking my hand. I will walk away now. Once I have done that, I will shoot you. I am a Wraithlord. Thank you". Also, that Wraithlord seems to be saying "Hello. I am standing on oatmeal". But whatever.

As you've already gathered, I'm not a fan of the static, unmoving Wraithlord position. I try really hard to twist him and move him until he looks like he's a living, moving thing. Also, I like to bring out the mystical "Eldary" feel, which means I don't want him simply to look like a big, scary monster. I want him to look intelligent and spiritual, but also powerful. I may not have achieved it, but it's what I'm hoping for.

This guy will be turning to one side and, leaning into the front leg. I also added green stuff to the base to give it some raised areas. I find that really big bases need to have that or they look more like a carpet instead of actual "ground". Anyhow, he's step one... there will be more to come...

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