Eldar Judgment Day: The Rules & Mission

These were the rules used for the huge Eldar Megabattle I just hosted in my home. Some of it might seem a bit confusing if you haven't been following my blog regularly for a while, but if you check out the photos in the most recent post before this one it'll probably make a bit more sense.

A while back I was empowered somewhat (by a few of the organizers) to make some decisions without having to consult with the rest of the team. Seeing as absolute power corrupts absolutely, I have put that to good use and am now giving you the Official Rules For Saturday's Eldar Megabattle!

No victory points. Grab the objectives, kill a Farseer, and don't blubber over units you lose early.

Victory Points
For purposes of victory points, this is an alpha-level game. No points will be tallied at the end.

There will be several Aspect Shrines on the table. The usual secure-and-control rules will apply to these shrines as if they were objectives: If you have a scoring unit within 6" of an Aspect Shrine and no other units are within 6", it gives you a point. If you capture the objective with the Aspect to which the shrine is dedicated (i.e. the Striking Scorpion shrine is captured by Striking Scorpions), you get two points.

A point will be awarded to the team that kills Benoit's Farseer (Khirian) or Bill's Farseer (Ithanus el'Canath). If there is a retinue present for either Farseer, it does not count towards this point being scored. In other words... you can ignore the Farseer's retinue or you can destroy it, but to get the point the Farseer has to fall.

Special Powers
Khirian will enjoy a special ability in that he can summon Daemons. To compensate, Ithanus el'Canath will receive a special Witchblade which wounds on 2+ and is a power weapon (no armor saves allowed).

Mission Modifiers
This game has been planned for six months, and has been in the concept stage for even longer. We've all been painting and organizing and modeling and buying stuff and working our asses off to make this the best game it can be. We need to avoid anyone being completely gutted like a fish on turn one and having to sit and watch for the rest of the game; everyone who is coming deserves to see lots of action. Three rules have been added to the game in order to protect anyone from wasting all that effort.

1. First turn will be night-fight and follow standard night-fight rules.
2. All skimmers are considered to be already moving fast when they are deployed.
3. Any infantry units lost on turns one or two can return using reserve rules, starting on turn four. This, obviously, does not include jetbikes, special characters, monstrous creatures, or vehicles (if, however, a transport is destroyed with all its passengers, the passengers can return to play). This rule also only applies to entire units that are lost (not individual models). Starting on turn four, the player can roll for each infantry unit lost on turns one or two, and a 4+ will allow him to redeploy. Remaining reserves can be rolled for on turn five and enter on a 3+, and in turn six a 2+. Note: Reserves which arrive on turns four and up will come in through the Wraithgate, not from the table edge. They will begin anywhere on (not next to) the Wraithgate, and will be considered as moving when they arrive.

Don't bother. I won't listen.

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