Examples of good Imperial Guard.

One, two.

Examples of stupid Imperial Guard.

Here, and here.


Keith Oelrich said...

Wow, a sentence from Corey with GUARD proceded by GOOD with out the adjective DEAD in between.. I think he's starting to crack..

Natakue said...

I would have to agree those first two IG look alsome the last 2 well are not.

Bourgui said...

I don't get it.
I think the new chaplain is freaking excelent. Better than the 'look at us we're german troops for the First WW' guards. I mean, nicely done, but no imagination. And not as dynamic as the chap'. But off course to each his own tastes.

Baast said...

Sorry, Nick/Bourgui... I forgot that the image URLs changed. i corrected them.

Bourgui said...

Aaah, OK then!

A lot of people say they don't like the new vostroyan models. Their fluff is pretty cool though (for those who don't know, they originally refused to act during theHorus heresy and were branded heretics, but tried to make amends when the Imperium's armies came around to annihilate them. so since then they have to fight to sek redemption, and the first born of the family is automatically sent to the IG. Dark and fitting this $1st century I find)