Eve Of Destruction

Sometimes a guy just wants to sit at his table, drink a bit of Pepsi and paint some blast holes. It's not a very demanding dream if you ask me. Nonetheless, it seems to be too much to ask for tonight.

It started when I stood up and dumped a 2L bottle of Pepsi on the floor. At the moment I keep my Eldar terrain in plastic Coca Cola bottle trays (the irony isn't lost on me btw). The bottom of said tray is open like a grate of sorts, but that doesn't matter because the Pepsi sprayed all over my Striking Scorpions Shrine. I took a deep breath and headed off to the bathroom to do something I really didn't want to: Wash it off. I figured, however, that the model itself is foam and the pieces are glued together with white glue, so... if I didn't do anything other than rinse it in tepid water then I should be able to get the Pepsi off without any damage.

Right now it's sitting on the counter with an electric fan drying it off (so water doesn't lurk in the cracks).

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Then came the job of mopping up the Pepsi (believe me: If you spill Pepsi, do not leave it be or just wipe it up with paper towels. Mop that thing with warm water and cleanser). I grabbed the mop and got to work. After I was done, I leaned the mop against the wall. It then fell, and the handle sheared off the top part of my Eldar Warp Gate.

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The thing is now glued back together, but I don't really know if it'll hold. I guess we'll see.

So then I sit back down and I notice one of my paint bottles is stuck, so I shove a toothpick down the hole to try and open it up. Worked great, except for the fact that the toothpick got stuck. I grabbed some paper towel and started to pull (realizing fully that this was begging for trouble) and *pop*... out it came. All over my shirt, which was white. Experience has taught me that you can get any paint off of any article of clothing if you run immediately to clean it with a brush, some Shout and warm water. It's cleaned up and soaking now... right next to the Scorpion Shrine which is being blown dry.

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Back to my table to resume what I was doing, but not before I accidentally kicked the spire off of the Dark Reaper shrine.

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With this final disaster having splayed itself out at my feet, I couldn't help but feel like Godzilla... rampaging through a city... destroying all in my path. I have vowed to sit and not move for the rest of the night.


Keith Oelrich said...

Proof positive that Pepsi is an agent of Chaos!

Corlock Striker said...

Dude, that sucks. I'm sorry. Then again, this is proof positive that one should not drink pepsi, for it is an inferior beverage, and Diet Pepsi is one of the most foul creations known to man. (Yes, I am a Coke drinker. No, I don't work for Coke, or Pepsi, though I do live near Pepsico Headquarters.)

Quint'Aan said...

That was freaking hilarious. LOL