Meet the Mayor

I've been making some plans to expand the existing table (which you've already seen), but rather than type it all up for you, I think this chat I had with my friend Jason over MSN sums it up nicely.

Me says: (1:04:05 AM)
Did I tell you all about how I want to put a cityfight area on the table?

Dros says: (1:04:13 AM)
no :-O

Me says: (1:04:19 AM)
Ah ok.

Me says: (1:04:27 AM)
Well, the table, as it is, is 8X4'

Me says: (1:04:54 AM)
I'm going to create a smaller surface that'll be about 4X3 or so

Me says: (1:05:01 AM)
And it'll sit right on top of the already existing table

Me says: (1:05:11 AM)
So right there you've got a little elevation

Me says: (1:05:28 AM)
And then, on that surface, there will be four Eldar buildings and some areas that can best be compared to trenches

Me says: (1:05:35 AM)
You'll be able to get up into the buildings and stuff

Dros says: (1:06:05 AM)

Me says: (1:06:06 AM)
And I've been doing sketches for a while

Me says: (1:06:09 AM)
And I have to say they look great

Dros says: (1:06:16 AM)
eldar cityfight? hardon city and Im the mayor

Me says: (1:06:36 AM)
That's going in my blog.

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