Two Neat Things

Two things.

This first one should come as no surprise, but the blast marks have come along quite nicely. Here are a couple of them. Others are half-painted or have glue drying, but you'll see more of this soon.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The second thing is a bit more interesting.

I was looking at some of the Games Workshop online catalogue and reflecting over years of looking at extremely expensive products. Some of them are pretty fair, of course, but others are surprising. In particular, I think about the hill you can buy (not a whole hill, mind you... just two quarters of one)... and the other grassy hill that's foam underneath. These are pretty expensive things, I have to say. Though the prices have dropped quite a bit, I'm still pretty surprised at the cost.

So I had this idea where I'd do something *I* thought was funny, but not everyone else seems to.

I grabbed a couple rocks and put them on my stove (the white part). Then I took some pics and did a little photoshopping. Then, I posted this on Warseer to see if anyone thought it was funny.

They didn't. The thread got deleted without warning.



Bourgui said...

:o( Your link to image shack doesn't work. I wanted to see the funny thing....

Rayne said...

unfreaking believable. I had a great long laugh at this when I read it. Keep it up Orb.