Dave goes by the name Carca on the Deep Space forums. We finally got together for a friendly game at the St. Laurent Battle Bunker and had an awesome time. It was a 1500 point take-and-hold mission with my Eldar against his World Eaters. For those of you who don't know, World Eaters are a very assault-based army. They have relatively little to offer in terms of hardcore shooting, but if they get into base contact with you, that's pretty much lights out (unless you're another World Eaters army). In addition, they get the Chaos benefit of having demons pop up all over the place, and I had to deal with a giganticus Bloodthirster that wanted to tromp through my lines like a man wearing steel-toed boots in a tulip garden. In the end I managed to keep Carca at bay and win the game, but more important than the victory was the fun; Dave's such a great guy to play against and we had a really relaxed, enjoyable match.

Notice my newly-painted Dork Spiders Warp Spiders in the pics.

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