The Purple Tide was stemmed!

Paul and I got together for a 1750 point game of Take and Hold. He's a good sport, and when I won the game it was as enjoyable to him as if he'd won himself. I played his Tyranids before and it was as great a game as this one. Anyhow, pictures abound!

Paul's Tyranids are painted incredibly well. I loved looking at them.

BTW I fielded my Wave Dragon. I don't put it on the table very often; it's basically a Wave Serpent with four flamers (Str4) instead of any long-range weapons. It makes short work of hoard armies but it also has to get right into harm's way to do it. So it's a trade off. It's nice and red though, and I like red.


Korr said...

Paul here.. The guy your army trounced.. Just wanted to say that I think that Wave Dragon really was great, both the model and its effectiveness against my army. I always have great fun playing you and I look forward to our next encounter when I come back from the frozen north!


P.S. --> And by the way, I took your advice. The second Tyrant is going to be ready for our next game.

Bill said...

Wave Dragon name by Bill ;)

You need names? See me.