One Very Unusual Game

I had a pretty neat game tonight. I wasn't going to play tonight but I got an opportunity and something came over me and, well... I found myself at the Battle Bunker at the St. Laurent mall playing a pretty neat game with three cool guys. It was something of a "mega battle", but each of us only brought 1000 points so it wasn't one of those huge games that tires a guy out and makes him want to chew through his own wrists.

Anyhow, we had 1000 points each. This was my list:
- Farseer: Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Runes of Witnessing, Fortune
- 6 Striking Scorpions& Exarch, Scorpion's Claw
Wave Serpent: Linked Shuriken Catapults, Linked Star Cannon, Spirit Stone
- 4 Howling Banshees & Exarch: Executioner, Shuriken Pistol, Banshee Mask, Acrobatic
- (X2) 3 Rangers
- (X2) Falcon Grav-Tank: Shuriken Cannon Upgrade, Star Cannon, Pulse Laser, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone

As is my habit, I put the Farseer and the Banshees in a Falcon. When I deployed there were two units of Rangers and three tanks on the table. That looked pretty funny, given that I was partners with an Ork army that put about 9,985,432,653,221 Orks out in the same 1000 points. That's right: Orks were my partners. Think that's weird? A Slaanesh army and Grey Knights were the team that made up our opponent. Yeah. Kinda weird.

We rolled off for partners and that's kinda how it worked out and, you know what? It was a lot of fun. What was unfortunate is that we only played two turns before we had to go (as the store was closing), but they were two pretty cool turns; Orks were charging, missiles flew, Noise Marines blasted, Grey Knights swung swords and Star Cannons fired away. A lot happened. It was cool and makes me want to do it again.

As if that isn't nifty enough, we played on a really neat looking winter-terrain table. I think these pictures are great. Notice, in particular, how great Gabriel's Orks look (in fact, everything looked great).

I wanna do this again.

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