Enter The Grot

Adam, aka Courtesy Grot, is a Games Workshop employee I've become fond of. He plays Orks, but more than that... he practically is an Ork. Sure, he's small and thin (unlike an Ork), but when it comes to game time he thinks about stomping, whacking, crushing and throttling. You have to admire that in a man.

I've been trying to get a game with Adam for ages, and the time finally came about a week ago. It was a 1700 point game for which he assembled a warhost of foot-slogging Orks and a Gigantic Squiggoth named Muffin. Muffin is the biggest conversation piece in the Games Workshop store where he is displayed; a Forgeworld model that is roughly the size of a baby pig and carries a bunch of slap-happy Orks up top on a howdah. You can see a picture of it below.

I assembled my own specialized warhost, mostly featuring Shuriken Cannons (good for killing Orks). I finished painting a few new things, but there's not much I had that you haven't seen before. I did proxy my Wave Dragon as a Falcon because I forgot the real one at home. No real hassles there.

I'd like to make a few observations about the game and how it went:
- For some reason people think Orks can't hit anything when they shoot. This is utterly false. I watched Adam 5s and 6s over and over as Vypers and Falcons perished, mainly to shoota fire. The next time I play a game against Adam I will bring my Peptol Bismol with me, as my stomach can barely take the stress of being shot so often.
- A squad of Striking Scorpions ran into a mob of boyz like a wrecking ball and took down the entire squad without losing one model. I was proud of that.
- Remind me to stop fielding Storm Guardians.
- Muffin has 8 wounds. I just didn't have it in me to spend a whole bunch of time trying to whittle him down.
- A well-played, evenly-designed Ork army is a force to be reckoned with. They can shoot, they have a bit of speed, they're somewhat resilient, they rarely flee and, what's more, when you've got a model the size of a baby pig bringing up the rear it does a lot to add to the air of aggression.

It was a Take and Hold scenario and, in the end, Eldar won. But it was close.

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