WIP: More Flagship

I'm seriously in love with this model. Did a little painting tonight. Take a look.

I know that everyone does the Flagship in "Wraithbone" and in some pencil-pusher's giant book of rules that's supposed to be how you paint this thing, but... my Craftworld colors are gold, black, white and dark red. So screw those guys; I'm painting it the way I want.

Problem is: Yriel's Flagship sort of failed a pinning test (40k humor, get it?). The side masts fell off and have to be pinned now. That's ok because I'd never be able to properly paint them when they're on the body, so all's well that ends well.

Man, I just love this thing. When it's done I promise it'll be quite breath-taking. Honest.

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Bill said...

Looking good! Can't wait to smash it to little itty bitty pieces with my long range gun decks. :)