Strange Bedfellows

You might remember in this entry I was talking about a weird match between four players: Eldar and Orks teaming up against Noise Marines and Daemonhunters. This was one very strange game but, I dunno... the combination of personalities, armies and just the overall chemstry made it so much fun. We had to call time after two turns (Games Workshop was closing), but we all agreed it was a great game.

Well, last night we got the rematch we were looking for. We upped it to 1500 points, but otherwise we had the same teams, same table, same objectives and even took the same table sides.

It was seriously one of the most bloody games I've ever played. By the end of turn 6 there was almost nothing left on the table. I lost everything except one Farseer and two Falcon tanks. My Ork partner lost absolutely everything except one dreadnaught. Similar losses were felt on the Chaos/Daemonhunters side.

Two things to take particular note of: Gabriel (Orks) has one awesomely painted army and has even picked up an award for his efforts. Not bad for a guy who's only 14 (or was it 15? Whatever). Also, Winston's purple Slaanesh Land Raider was set up to have speakers on the side, playing music from a small MP3 player that was shoved into the body of it. For at least three turns we listened to "Barbie Girl" and that annoying Spice Girls song. The longer the music went on, the worse we wanted to shoot it. It was a really cool idea, though.

Oh, by the way: Eldar and Orks lost (the enemy got about 100 points more than they needed to break a tie)... but it didn't feel like a loss. It was such an awesome game that I walked away with a great feeling.


Bill said...

there should be laws against landraiders playing songs like that.

losergirl said...

OMG I think we have to come up with a way to play the Care Bears Theme and the Lollipop song from my models!

EEE! Pure genius!