I played Winston on the same day I played Manchester. Winston, known as Dead on Deep Space, is the same chap who played the Slaanesh Noise Marines against me in that Strange Bedfellows game I wrote about a few days ago. We played a game of Recon together and, to be honest, I sort of knew I would be winning this game before it even started. The table was full of lots of terrain (so I was hard to shoot) and, as Recon is all about getting into the enemy deployment zone, it was no real challenge for me to tearass all my stuff across the table on turn six. Which I did. And that about covers it.

It was a darned casual game, which I liked. We chatted with each other. We chatted with other people who dropped by to watch. It was sort of like a quilting bee or something in the way that it was more social than the average game. Still, I got some neat shots; though you're probably all sick of looking at my Rangers by now, you should check them out in this wooden tower thingie.

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