The Colors of San Francisco

The Metreon in San Francisco is just a mid-sized mall, for all intents and purposes. It's run by Sony and primarily caters to upscale technology-obsessed yuppie-age people with a lot of money. Still, it's a pretty neat place in a way, because it's got the latest in Playstation gizmos and a lot of the other nifty doo-dads you expect from a giant like Sony. Interestingly enough, there's also a Games Workshop. Naturally, I had to see what a Games Workshop in San Francisco would look like, so I went in. There were the usual assortment of painted armies in glass cases, tables for playing on, lots of shelves full of Land Raiders, Hive Tyrants and the whole thing, and (of course) Red Shirts wandering around. What caught my eye, however, was the paint. They had spray paints by Citadel that you just can't get in Canada: Bleached Bone, Shadow Grey, Space Wolves Grey, Dark Angels Green, Blood Red and Boltgun Metal. My mind was spinning with the notion of things I could actually accomplish with sprays like Bleached Bone (if you recall, I'm starting an army that's almost all BB). It just rocked my world to consider it. I bought two cans right away.

Unfortunately, I returned them. It seems that aerosol cans cannot be transported in an airplane, cannot be shipped by air and cannot even be shipped by ground. In other words, there was no way to get them back to the Great White North.

Sad. It's very sad.


Quint'Aan said...

Road trip!

AbuShaitahn said...

Damn I wish I had thought of that when I drove down to NY... Urgh!

bunnyofdoom(The real one) said...

Well, you could pretend to be the former conservative candidate from the riding of the southern interior of BC. YOu know whom I'm tlaking about.

Tallarn42nd said...

Geee...if only we had as much bureaucracy and enforcement for keeping undesireable individuals out of the Great White North -- like allegedly "ex" members of Hezbollah.