Thought I'd Forgotten About This, Didn't You?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWith all the crap that's been going on lately, I haven't had a chance to properly serve my pink foam overlords. Tonight I laid this baby down and made a second grid. Impressive to look at? Not really. Even so, it's a major chunk of work and I am now back in the saddle trying to make this table happen.

I've made some significant errors in puttings this table together; I glued two 2X4' sheets onto two other 2X4' sheets (cross-ways) hoping to strengthen them and make them less likely to warp. Well... that didn't work out so well, because the top layer of foam has warped and lifted off the bottom. They're still glued together, but the top layer isn't all that flat and there's an air pocket between the two layers. I'm considering trying to rip them apart and re-glue. I'll give it more thought. Otherwise, I am considering some very fine screws to go into the foam to keep them together. Not sure how that would work yet, but I'm rather sure it would work.

I was told before I started this project to build these tables on top of some wood, but I didn't listen. I'm not sure I'm sorry, though; I needed these tables to be light and easily stored and, what's more, I am on a budget. So I only feel half as silly as I otherwise might. Still feel silly... just... less than I might.

I don't see this problem as insurmountable, but I think I have to be careful about my next step here because if I actually damage the foam while trying to repair and secure the warped parts... that wouldn't be good.

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