More About The Money Thing

Ebay and Bartertown are two great ways to get cheap models second hand. If the price of GW products goes through the roof (and I'm not saying it will... I'm just saying if it does), a lot of people will turn to these resources to get their models.

I don't like getting my stuff off Ebay or Bartertown. Don't get me wrong; I have no desire to discourage those who *do* prefer those outlets. It's just not for me. Here's why:

- I prefer not to strip models, and generally second-hand models are painted and assembled. That's just me. I don't enjoy it. I find it labor-intensive and a drag.

- Further to this point, I am very particular about how I assemble my models. I sand them, I file them, I fix imperfections with epoxy or other materials, and I ONLY start putting them together when I'm done prepping them. If I get them second-hand then that part of the process is taken away from me.

- I find that no matter how much I study photos on Ebay, there are always little "surprises" that I find on the actual product once I have it. A wad of Krazy Glue with a thumbprint... a gaping hole in the joints... other dumb stuff like that. I don't like having to do someone else's mistakes before I can get down to work.

- It's not quick enough. I like to buy something and have it on the same day.

- There's no warrantee or money-back promise. If I get something that seems a little miscast, I can take it back to GW and get another model or a refund. If I get something second hand that's miscast (via mail like through Ebay), that's a much more complicated process... if it's possible at all.

Again, these are just things that I prefer and things that I like. These are the reasons, however, why I don't see Ebay and Bartertown, etc., as viable alternatives to getting the goods straight from GW. So if the GW prices go up, that means very few new models (first or second hand) will be coming into my fold for a while.

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Jay MG said...

Hey Corey,

wrong place to mention this I know, but the phone number you gave us at GW is out of date. So just to let you know your order is in.