Why I Have The Best Girlfriend Of All Time

Here are just two reasons why my girlfriend is the best girlfriend of all time.
1. When I told her I am building an Eldar-themed game table, complete with terrain and the whole thing, she told me (much to her own surprise, in fact) that she's actually incredibly proud of me for it. Get that, guys? A girl said that she was proud of me for making Warhammer terrain and a table.
2. She looks like this.


Quint'Aan said...

All I can say is "hubba hubba".

Baast said...

That's all I usually say, too.

bunnyofdoom(The real one) said...

I hate you so much. Not for that. Way to go!I hate you cause of the marmoset incident!

Baast said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but... you're special.