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Before you, you see 18 Wraithguard in various stages of assembly and painting. Actually, they're all at the same stage of assembly: Done. The painting is the difference. Also notice that spindly Wraithlord to the side. Hi, Wraithlord!

This post isn't about how many Wraithguard I have, though. It's about basing. Tonight I based 18 Wraithguard with sand. I didn't paint the sand or otherwise decorate the sand. I just glued the sand on (and no, these pics don't show that). I also glued sand to the bases of nine Striking Scorpions (who will join the very same army as the Wraithguard, i.e. my new Iyanden) and to the bases of 12 Defender Guardians (same thing).

What I do is water down some glue, cover the base, dip in sand, move on to the next model. Then I do it again, adding another layer of sand over the first. I'm experimenting with doing this *before* I prime the model instead of after (like I usually do). Someone said it's a good way to seal in the sand, so we'll see if they're right.

Anyhow, that's a lot of sand. Pics to come soon.


Jay MG said...

I used to do that, but I found that the primer only offered a minor seal to sand - especially if you have some of the bigger pieces of sand mixed in there. If I were you, I'd still seal if with wattered down glue - then prime it - that way you've got a good seal, AND it will be base coloured for you.

Sildani said...
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Sildani said...

Man, what I do to keep in touch...

I think I see where you're going with those Wraithguard, and I like them so far.

Never did say if the Iyanden list I posted for you helped... *sniff...sniff*

Are you still on Warseer? You've not posted there for a time.

Baast said...

Actually what I ended up doing was this:
- 50/50 water/glue
- Sand
- 50/50 water/glue
- Sand
- 50/50 water/glue to seal it
- Primer

Baast said...

Hey Sildani!

Nice to see you in my blog comments. I sorta gave up on Warseer because I realized I was totally wasting my time there. Every post was either: a) Not very useful to others, or b) Caused a fight in which I was villified. I now instinctively avoid the "reply" button like the plague. I prefer Deep Space for actual discussions, though Warseer is better for rumors, etc.

Also, I think Brimstone is a mean person. Yeah, he has access to all the new shizzle (good for hiim), but he's the last person in the world I'd invite to a dinner party.