Hey, I *Like* The Manta

The Tau Manta.

In case you aren't already aware, the Tau Manta is a flyer so big that, when represented in 40k scale, is rumored to be 3.5-4' wide and 2' long. Forgeworld is currently working on one right now (link to the progress report is above). And I say "Why not?" True, the monetary cost of this thing will be measured in the thousands of dollars and the points cost will make it nearly impossible for almost any game (not to mention the absolutely ridiculous size), but I really like it. Ok, I admit that painting one of these is going to require you to take it to Maaco just to get a good undercoat, but this is something different... it's something ambitious. It doesn't have to be for everybody and, of course, very few people are going to even want one (muchless have the means to pay for one), but I like new ideas. I like stuff that's different. I like things which bring some variation and diversity to our games. Of course every change will bring its own set of weird problems, but we're creative people. We'll get past them.

I really hope I get to play on a table against one of these someday, if for no other reason than to just get some kickass photos. Wouldn't that be cool?

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