GW: Are you kidding me with this?

Games Workshop Vehicle Damage Dice.

$16.00 Cdn, plus tax.

For 12 dice. Before tax, that's roughly $1.33 per die.

I bought a pack. They seemed expensive to me when I got them and I was thinking "this is a stupid expenditure, but... I bet I'll like having them". Then I got home and opened them up, saw there were only 12 dice inside, closed it up, found the receipt, and I'm taking them back tomorrow.

Check it out. The outside of the tin:

And the inside:

Come on already with this.


Keith said...

...And you didn't even get the one with the Falcon on the cover of the tin. That's it! the next time I see your car. It's gonna say "My other car is a Rhino."

Jay MG said...

Didn't you look at the back? It clearly lists the contents. Besides they're dice with special designs on all 6 sides - I was looking at the chessex custom dice page earlier and it's expensive to make customized dice. I always considered the vehicle damage dice to just be something kinda cool to have - not a necessity. They're still cheaper than a wraithguard :)

Baast said...

Putting the list of the contents on the back doesn't make these dice worth $1.50 apiece, custom design or not.