You think YOU got problems?

I can't fit all my stuff into my cases.

I've got two Army Transport cases loaded with trays of all sorts. Can you believe that? I got some new foam trays and managed to put some of my new models into them and, before I knew it, I was out of space! Can you believe that?

Here's what they currently hold in them:

30 Dire Avengers (including Exarchs)
10 Warp Spiders (including Exarch)
9 Fire Dragons (including Exarch)
9 Swooping Hawks (including Exarch)
20 Striking Scorpions (including Exarchs)
10 Dark Reapers (including Exarchs)
20 Wraithguard
7 Rangers
3 Warlocks
2 Bonesingers
6 Platform Crew
3 Farseers
Eldrad Ulthran
Limited Edition Autarch
3 Wave Serpents
3 War Walkers
2 Heavy Weapon Platforms
3 D-Cannon Platforms
2 Starcannons
Twin-Linked Brightlance
3 Twin-Linked Scatter Lasers
2 Twin-Linked Starcannons
3 Twin-Linked Eldar Missile Launchers
20 Eldar Missile Launchers (yeah, 20)
3 flight bases with stems
1 Eldar Codex
1 Rulebook

...Hmm. When I look over that list maybe I shouldn't complain.

Alright. So maybe I don't have it that bad. That's a lot of cabbage to cram into two vinyl bags. That having been said, here's what I'm looking at:
Maugen Ra
3 Vypers
2 Fire Prisms
9 Jetbikes
12 Guardians
10 Banshees (including Exarch)

I can probably cram the War Walkers in there and maybe one Fire Prism, but that's it. I'll be outta room.

I figure I can retire a couple things (some of those extra Scorpions and the Rangers) and move some stuff around using new trays, and it'll all work out great. Thing is... I need some more trays. That's the trick.

Time for a visit to these folks to get more trays. I'd better hurry.


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Baast said...

I mean no offense by this, but... there's no way I'm getting a GW case.

WAY too expensive, doesn't hold enough stuff, not enough flexibility in the slots. I consider the GW cases to be the 3rd or 4th best option I know of for transporting models. Possibly 5th.