How the experiment is working...

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I started with GW Water Effects in the pond and then, later, poured Woodland Scenics Water Effects on top. I should have waited and tried them separately but I didn't. Despite the fact that I'm 37, I still have the patience of a 9 year old. You'll notice some kind of weird bubble popping up under the top layer of Water Effects. It may possibly explode, spraying debris over quite a large area. I guess we'll see.

The GW Water Effects is flatly superior. It takes longer to cure (notice the "foggy" parts under the surface of the water), but when it does it lies perfectly flat (which the Woodland Scenics product doesn't), it somehow ejects all the bubbles before hardening (which the Woodland Scenics product doesn't), and it shrinks just enough from the edges so that the "bubble" water effect doesn't happen (which the Woodland Scenics product doesn't). On the other hand, the GW product is almost $20 more per bottle and has less in it... so going with the best product isn't going to be cheap and, frankly, I'm not sure if it's worth the cost. Right now I think it isn't because, to be honest, that's a hell of a lot of money. I believe that working with the Woodland Scenic stuff won't be so bad if I'm extremely careful with it all.

Woodland Scenic did come through on those reedy grass bits by the side of the water, though. Don't they look good? I just have to get them to stand up straight (the method for which, Bill has since explained to me). Also, I have to perfect my lilly pad colors. I'll do it, though.

Happy with the dirt jungle floor... but soon I have to start looking at how to get it looking more like a jungle. Moss, mould, vines, lichen, etc... we'll have to see how I make that happen. Not sure yet.

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