More fun with Sabol

While I'm on a tear about how great the Sabol cases are, I'd like to add a couple things about what I've done with my own cases over the past year or so that I've had them (a bit longer, I think).

The Sabol paint tray is damn good for holding paints (and, as you'll notice on the website, 28 standing models). What it doesn't offer me is a space for my brushes, my files, my glue, the whole thing. When you're painting at Games Workshop, you need your own brushes and stuff because they're not technically allowed to lend you certain things... so it's good to have them on hand. This is a pic of how I have it set up and, if you're a person who paints on the go, you should know this kind of thing is possible.

You might notice that I have an eyedropper. I was taught a technique by a friend named Urban who is a fantastic painter. It goes like this: A bit of flow improver with a little water mixed with the paint makes it the perfect consistency without destroying the pigment. I have a pot of Reaper Mini Flow Improver, a pot of water, and an eyedropper to drop them into the paint (rather than dipping in a brush or something and getting paint into the pot). I routinely carry four GW empty paint points. One with Reaper Mini Flow Improver, one with Reaper Mini Brush-on Primer (great for fixing paint chips), one with Reaper Mini Pure White (the best white paint I've ever found) and one with straight-up H2O.

I started asking myself what else I could do with my Sabol trays that could increase my convenience, and I realized that one ongoing problem I have is what to do with my "stuff" while I'm playing in a store or hobby center. There are great gaming tables at some of the places in my area, but I often find that I show up with stuff that I don't want to keep in my pockets but I don't want to put down (lest they get lost or stolen)... so I did this.

The trays are pretty beaten up because I've had them in heavy use for quite a while. During the Forge Primus campaign I was trotting these out several times a week. My current setup only allows for one more tray, so I can't put them both in and keep all my models as well, but it's a small thing to swap that extra tray space out as I have different demands.

That's Sabol Designs, kids.

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