Sabol: You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

You might remember from my complaining here, I've needed extra storage space for my models. I got myself 5 extra trays for my Sabol Army Transports (just two standard ones) and went to work re-arranging how all my models are stored. Here's what I managed to store:

30 Dire Avengers (including Exarchs)
10 Warp Spiders (including Exarch)
9 Banshees (including Exarch)
9 Fire Dragons (including Exarch)
9 Swooping Hawks (including Exarch)
11 Striking Scorpions (including 2 Exarchs)
10 Dark Reapers (including 2 Exarchs)
20 Wraithguard
3 Warlocks
2 Bonesingers
3 Vypers
2 Fire Prisms
7 Jetbikes
12 Guardians
2 Heavy Support Platforms
2 Farseers
Eldrad Ulthran
Yriel, Autarch of Iyanden
Maugen Ra
3 Wave Serpents
3 War Walkers

(These items are stored in the pockets:)
All my heavy weapons (too many to list)
All my flight bases & stems
1 Eldar Codex
1 Rulebook

Ok, to be fair, I trimmed out some stuff from the old list I made in the previous post. For instance, I removed a bunch of the old Striking Scorpions, reduced the number of Jetbikes, and put all the weapons in the pocket. Don't scoff, however; That's 153 models in the cases ranging from basic infantry to vehicles (not including the heavy weapons in the pocket). Let us not forget the amazing way that Sabol Designs allows you to create shaped slots for various models so that they sit perfectly in the tray (here's an example, and here's another, and here's a third). Also, note that the models lay on their backs (instead of the GW case... where stories abound of models falling through the case to the bottom) and you can get trays of varying thickness so that the model is properly covered and not left hanging out of the foam.

Sorry, GW army case, but you can't touch this.

So I've got everything I need in there now. There's nothing left I need to store. Here's the part that's gonna make you a believer: I still have room for one tray left over. I'm not even kidding. I could put one more tray of models in there if I want to. Wanna hear about the Super Dazzle Extra Fantasy Rock And Roll Bonus Treat? Sabol sent one of these for free. For freakin' free. Ok, granted, I've done a better version of the same thing on my own with the standard 1" tray, but it's still cool.

Friends... if you're looking for a way to store your models and carry them around, this is it.

Oh, btw. I'm gonna save up to buy another one. They're too good not to.

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