Sat down and did a little painting tonight.

I came up with three Fire Dragon schemes. Two of them rock. One of them sucks. Ok, so that's not a bad ratio. I must say that my freehand skills are really sharpening, which is cool.

Still stripping the Wraithguard and extra Dragons. Man, getting models *truly* cleaned up after they've been painted (badly) is a real headache. It's one reason I generally prefer to just buy them new if I can afford it.

I continued base-coating my Scorpion II. It was sprayed in white and now is washed in Space Wolves Grey, ready for the eight coats of white to follow. Then, it'll be officially primed and I can get to work on the actual painting!! *Grooaaannnnn...

What's really interesting is the little something I'm working on for Keith. I'm calling it an Autarch. Why is it an Autarch? Because I can't figure out what the heck else it could be. Made from the torso of a Shining Spear rider with the right arm of a Dark Elf holding a spear, the legs, right arm and grenades of a Defender Guardian, the backpack from an Anti-Grav Platform Crewman and a giant round toothpick in one hand which acts as a nice long flag pole (topped with a little sharp piece from the flag pole off a Jetbike). I've painted him in Keith's army colors (Alaitoc: Blue and yellow) and have really enjoyed painting Wraithbone for once (it looks lush and beautiful, to be honest). I've even given him a nice big flag. Made from paper, dappled in Shadow Grey, Enchanted and Regal Blue, carrying Alaitoc water transfers, I attached this flag to the flag pole and used layers of white glue to shape the thing so it looks as though it's hanging in curves and folds (instead of just a stiff square of paper). I'm obviously kinda proud of this... mainly because it's such an interesting mish-mash of elements that seemed to actually converge with some beauty.

I'll have photos soon enough.

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