Moving along...

I've been working on a few things at once lately.

I've got about 40 Fire Dragons I'm bringing along (very slowly, as you can tell). The main challenge with them is to paint them in interesting ways that don't drive me up the wall before I'm done. Thing is, I will likely paint them in four different schemes so they can be divided up into squads easily.

I've got 12 Dark Reapers that I'm pretty much finished with, but I have 3 more to do before I have the full compliment of 15 that are included in my Ulthwe Strike Force.

I've got one anti-grav platform and crew that I'll probably take a couple hours to finish off.

I have 9 Swooping Hawks that actually look really nice. The base coat is so lovely I don't even want to put anything else on top of it, but... I suppose I must. Basing them will be fun because I'm planning to put them on long stems so they are higher up than any other models (rather than the way Games Workshop has them set up where they look like they're standing on the ground, despite the fact they have these huge wings). I will either use the small flying bases or rig something up with wire. Not sure yet.

I'm slowly putting the finishing touches on my Seer Council; 4 Farseers, 4 Warlocks. It's mostly about making them gorgeous at this point, but it's a slow process and they're not really game ready until I get them there... so... plodding along.

I've got 10 Jetbikes that I'm working on, but they're a low priority for me. I'll probably do that when I'm out of other things to do.

I've got 9 Wraithguard that are stripped and waiting. Not sure what to do with them yet and, frankly, they're not my highest priority. I don't even have a really clever scheme thought up yet.

Lastly, I've got my Scorpion Mark II tank that I'm bringing along. It's primed, but barely touched otherwise. I'm less excited about working on it than you'd think.

Photos? Coming soon!

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