Bring that turret, bitch

So we got a few photos here of the Firestorm turret I mentioned here. I need to put a magnet on the bottom so that I can affix it to any of the grav tanks I own, but otherwise it's close to or as good as done. Maybe a few highlights or something. Anyhow, this is my anti-aircraft mount and I kinda like it!

Firestorm 1
Firestorm 2
Firestorm 3
Firestorm 4
Firestorm 5
Firestorm 6
Firestorm 7

Basically, here's how I did it:
1. Take 8 scatter lasers to create a long-barreled gattling scatter laser turret (according to the VDR rules you have to model 4 of the guns for it to be considered "gattling" and, of course, they have to be long-barreled to count as long-barreled).
2. Cut them up and glue them together so they're 4 long scatter lasers instead of 8 short ones.
3. Take part of a Vyper jetbike and scrape out the intake/exhaust vents so you can slip the guns into those slots.
4. Notice that some guns are longer than others. Force yourself not to think about it.
5. Get the antenna from the Wave Serpent you're not using and glue it to the top.
6. Ditto with the crystal targeting matrix.
7. Base in black.
8. Paint stuff.
9. Curse self for not painting it before it was glued together.
10. ?????
11. Profit!!!

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Bill said...

Sweet f***ing hallejua that looks awesome! WOW!

You outdid yourself this time.