More Dark Eldar

I'm continuing to work on this Dark Eldar army for which I have no concept of the rules whatsoever. I really must read the codex at some point.

I've come across some more bitz (as this army is one I make from spare parts; don't want to buy anything new if I can help it) and, as I've said before, bitz means Warriors. I've got a nice pile of little plastic pieces that I'm going to turn into Frankeneldar soon.

Just letting you know I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth or, even worse, left 40k for Heroclix or something.

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Bill said...

Imagine you are playing Eldar...now take away the armour on the tanks, and the holofields, and the spirit stones..... take away all the awesome psychic powers.... take away the warwalkers, wraithlord, and avatar....

That's what playing Dark Eldar is like. ;)

Of course its not that simplistic, but it is quite the reality shift. Consider yourself warned. :)