Things that make me go "WTF?"

Once in a long while I hear something about complaints from enthusiastic Christians regarding the satanic imagery in Warhammer 40k (and I imagine Warhammer Fantasy as well). I think the idea is that certain Chaos or Dark Eldar armies wear skulls and other evil glyphs and include demons and so-on. Now, I'm not an enemy of Christians in general and I don't mean to beat down on anyone's religious beliefs, but here's the thing: The way I remember the Bible, it says you aren't allowed to worship graven images and idols. In that light it seems just plain weird to me that you should, however, fear them. In other words, don't worship them because they aren't an embodiment of God and, therefore, your worship is misdirected upon something unworthy. These same idols and graven images (which, incidentally, are not intended for religious or spiritual context) are, however, just fine vessels for Satan and demons? If an lovingly-crafted statue of Jesus Himself is not a suitable recipient of worship then an inch-tall painted chunk of plastic isn't a suitable lightning rod for superstitious fear.

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